Effect of using paraben products on skin?

What is Paraben?

So since the 1950s,Paraben was created as a chemical in order to prevent bacteria and generally acts as a preservative when it comes to lotion, deodorant, lipstick, scrub, shampoo and so much more.

When it comes to Parabens and using it for the very first time, you have to ensure that you're not going to end up having an allergic reaction to it. This product will surely do a lot of damage to you than any good if these issues aren’t spotted immediately.

Parabens have been known to be linked to hormone disruption, cancer and reproductive toxicity. The most particular concern that most pregnant women and young children are enduring are these known issues.

A lot of baby products are paraben free because of the high risks and issues that are followed by these products. Children mainly a baby, organs are so small, that they are at a much higher risk with these horrible paraben ingredients if not using the natural products.

These Harmful Chemicals

Studies have shown that some parabens can copy the activity within the hormone estrogen in the body cells. The estrogen activity is associated with some forms of breast cancer and these parabens have been found in breast tumors. Although this may be true, sciencist have not been able to prove these methods that are linked to cancer as far as parabens is concerned.

That's why in cases like this, it is always best to purchase items that are paraben free products.

Symptoms and Side Effects

Paraben is not a product that you naturally have in your body because it does not contain any natural ingredients. That's why a lot of pharmaceutical companies and other people recommend that you buy paraben free products when you purchase skin care products, especially from those that are considered to be the best ones. When you use something, that has the paraben ingredients in it, you have to be sure that you already know the side effects.

When using paraben products, the skin can be so irritated that it becomes too dry, cracked, brittle, painful, swollen and even have a rash, and some other problems. Not only is this the harm that can be done, but paraben can also cause chemicals to go into the body and it no longer needs to be there, causing many problems on the inside, doing bad things to this to your skin as you've thought before.

When the actual time comes, you should think about this and really take pride out of choosing skincare products that do not include paraben. This will give the exact things that you are looking for and want without having to worry about any allergic reactions. The best skin care cream, will have you covered with nothing but the most natural products to use for your skin.

A majority of consumers have no clue what parabens actually are, but as mentioned, parabens are the preservatives that are in cosmetic products such as make-up, shampoo and moisturizer. These preservatives have been dramatically produced with chemicals and they don't fit well with the best skin care products.

Allergic Reactions

Parabens can cause many different types of reactions, just the same as with allergies. They can sometimes cause the skin to become irritated, and they can also result in the issues with dermatitis.

This is actually a very harmful skin issue that causes inflammation that is characterized by blisters, rashes and burning skin. Mainly, this is because parabens can deeply penetrate within the skin and disturb and stop the functioning of hormones.

Prenatal Concerns

Parabens side effects are already scary enough, but in recent studies it says that parabens are much more dangerous to those who are carrying a baby. Exposure to parabens during pregnancy can bring up many issues. The toxic chemicals can be absorb in your blood during a woman's pregnancy and could find a way to the fetus.

Their known also as endocrine disruptors and can make a way to the placental barrier. The fetus happens to be exposed to these toxic chemicals, then developments in reproductive disorders are known to develop.

There is a distinct relationship that is happening between parabens and the immune system which causes a dysfunction and learning problems within children. Exposing an unborn child to any dangerous chemicals is not worth this risk, that's why it's best to give yourself a stress free mind by using skin care products they do not include paraben.

A lot of people don't mind using a bad chemical substance on their skin, but why do it? A lot of cosmetic manufacturers use this technique in a way that it would keep their products as a success going.

The Endocrine System Functioning

Parabens can sometimes interfere with the functioning of the healthy endocrine system. It's job is to be responsible for a wide range of bodily functions that consist of the growth and development, mood, sleep and metabolism. It's highly required to keep it up and going properly. Parabens sometimes mess with and try to stop production of hormones and the glandular activity. Despite all the harm that it does, it is still popularly used in many personal care products and skin products.


The side effects on the skin from parabens are very hurtful and in bearing. Methyl type which is actually that of another paraben, is extremely damaging to the skin, it increases the sensitivity from the sun. Putting on products that contain paraben before you go outside can cause the skin cells to become damaged much faster when tgey have been shown to the ultraviolet rays. Products that are for your skin should be able to protect your skin not necessarily damage it.

A lot of products that are seen on commercials have been made with parabens and they claim that they are marketed with aging products and parabens tend to cause the skin to age much faster. Certain types can actually make matters with sun damage worse. Those who are using anti wrinkle cream that has this product in it, then it will be a big surprise to you.